Friday, October 11, 2013

My dog

Wyitt is friendly.   He likes to play ball and play outside.  My dog is a bichon poodle. He loves everyone. He will kiss you.  Wyitt plays with you some times.  
         My dog loves me because when I get home he will  kiss me on my face and bark at me a bunch until I pet him.  Wyitt likes everyone in the whole world.  Even when my grandma comes 'he' will bark and kiss her.  When my grandma drops my sister off after school he will bark really  loud.  He barks when the mailman comes to drop our mail off.   My grandma will pick  up my dogs on Tuesday and Thursday.    My  mom stays home with them on Wensday and my sister on We.  My grandma comes over on Monday and Friday.  I play with my dog alot. My dog name  is Wyitt.   Wyitt is geniros and friendly!