Monday, November 25, 2013

My Favorite Place

My favorite place is when I went to Colorado because it was quit. I was happy because you could see mountains and it was pretty you could see moose deer baby deer it was so fun! I got a place on top of the mountains and you could see snow. There was even a hot tub and a foosball table there. it was awesome!  could see  pretty white crystals fall from the sky they would only fall tho for 5 min its then it would be really warm and sunny we got to ride horses and got to go to a store that was not like ares in Clear lake there prices were less than here if you go to a certain store. We had a lot of fun.
this is were we went and saw a moose here is a moose that was there

Friday, November 15, 2013

lets chat

"how are you?"asked Allison and Emily said "I am good" Allison said "That is good." Then Emily asked "How are you?"Allison said I am fabulous!' exclamed Allison

Friday, November 8, 2013


I go to dance at Dance arts centre in Mason City. I go to dance from 7:00-8:00 on Mondays, and it lights the whole night up! First, we do tap then, ballet finally, we do jazz every other week. If we do not do jazz, we do cartwheels and tumbles. This is one of the highlights to my night! For tap we do flaps, heal ball change turn and a lot other stuff for warm ups is a lot of work but fun recital song is oh Lala by Britney Spears. For ballet we do plea and relieve and 1 position, 2 position, 4 position, and 5 position. We also do a lot in ballet and jazz and a lot of cartwheels and tumbles. It is late when I get home I have to go to bed but I had fun at dance. I have 2 teachers 'but' 1 returid from dance Mrs.Tiffani is the one we have now we only did not have her for 1 week she got married. We use to have Mrs. Gale but she retired. My age for dance is 8-10 for age. You can be 4,5 and 3, but when you start if you are 3 you just have ballet as you get older when you are 4 you get ballet and tap when You are 8 you have ballet and jazz. (Then when 'you are 12 you will get pointed shoes). You get your costumes for all your shoes. When 'I' comes home I think of dance it will light my house up with happiness. When I go to bed I see a light it lights my bed up it reminds me of dance