Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My favorite question is

Do you have a dog  I said  yes I have 2 dogs dogs then we talked about it for like 2 seconds. Then I asked her do you have a dog she said no I have 7 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dogs It was fun so much I liked the question so much to it was fun to talk about 7 dogs. We had fun when i asked the question .    

Fond memory

My fond memory is when i got my second dog . He was left in a canal his whole life when we let him out to go to the bathroom. when he wanted to come in he ran into the the door because he did   to do it was sad. We traded him to go outside and we do not put him in canal anymore he is a happy dog now.  He will not bite any more at all he loves me a lot and a lot

My Dog

Wyitt is friendly he likes to play ball and play outside .My dog is a bason podle he loves everyone he will kiss you .He playes with you some times .
      My dog loves me because when I get home he will  kiss me on my face and bark at me a bunch un tell I pet him .Wyitt likes everyone in the whole world.Even when my grandma comes he will bark and kiss her .When my grandma drops my sister off after school he will bark really really loud.He barks when the mailman comes to drop are mail off. My grandma will pick them up on Tuesday and Thursday.My mom stays home with them and my sister on Wesday My grandma comes over on Monday and Friday.I play with my dog alot my dog name name is Wyitt Wyitt is geniros and friendly! He loves to kiss me alot and alot

a thing i have learned

I learned how to jump rope I could not jump over the rope at all.   I could not jump rope so I practiced the next day I could not jump rump again. If you want to learn how to do something you just need to practice practice practice then you will learn  how to do it you can jump rope you can buy a jump rope and here is how you can start to learn you can just practice jumping over the rope on the ground.It is  a lot of work to do to jumprope and lear stuff.

child hood memory

I remember when I went to build a bear workshop and I got a build a bear.  My mom could not go so I got her a bar of chocolate for her we also nickelodeon universe we got to ride rides it was awesome I got popcorn and pop it was awesome!!!we went there for my sister's B-day when it was time to go home we were sad we did not want to go home we want to go there again we got to ride the brain surge farise wheel lit was fun we also got to ride the farlie old coster we saw sponge bob there and dora so you should go there too some day you will you will like it to it was fun  you can also get your face painted to you can also get popcorn and things like that there is also a lot to ride there to.

a ride at nickelodeon universe there is alot more rides 

Only 10 inches

here is a 10 inches tall person

Once on a street there was a mystery there was a weird thing it was so creepy. Won day Colt went to Aaron's house and was going to spend the night that night he spent the night the both went to bed then the next morning they where only ten inches tall! Then his sister came down crying that I am only 10 inches tall! Then his mom and dad came down they were surprised they where only 10 inches tall they asked what has happened to you? They said that they did not do anything then the parents said "that we are moving no mater what you say" Then the next day they moved into an apartment they where so sad then they started to cry then they heard a noise. It was creepy. Colt came over the next day then he shrunk 10 inches tall. So that night he went home and told his mom that he shrunk 15 inches. He used to be 20 inches tall, and now I he is only ten inches tall. His mom took him to the doctor, and the doctor did not know what was going on. Then the doctor shrunk there was something was going on then the next day everyone was back too normal! So then the ghost said I am sorry that my deed that to you. Then colt said, "Are you okay Aaron?" Then Aaron said, "Yes I am okay, but are you okay, because you are acting a little weird?" "Yes I am fine I know I am" said Colt "I just want to go home! "Said Colt so Colt came home and never came back again they just saw each other at school.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving Day I went to my aunt's big brown house.  I was very excited, and could not wait to get there! I walked in and I smelt the thin air mash potatoes, gravy, corn, Turkey, pretzel salad, snicker salad, the pecan pie, pumpkin pie and some more stuff.  It was awesome!  Then we got to stay for a little bit. This was turning out to be the best Thanksgiving ever!  After we had eaten our wonder, we watched the Iowa Hawkeyes game. The Hawks played a wonderful basketball game and they ended up winning in overtime! After the game, we played for a little bit. Then my mom my grandma 'and' my aunt went black Friday shopping. We had fun!  We got home that night, and I played with my sister. Than it was time to go to bed, but we had an awesome day. The next day we went to my cousin's house. They had bought us some presents, and wrapped them, so we had to go down stairs.  We got to come upstairs after an hour, and I was very excited to see what they got me!  All of us were talking, hoping that we could spend the night. Our parents discussed this, and they decided that we could spend the night.  It lighted my whole night up. I would want to do it again!